Online Counseling Service 

Telemedicine will change the world by making it easier and more affordable for healthcare providers to care for their patients anywhere. At Learning Alternative Behaviors Youth and Family Services, LLC we believe everyone should have access to care through telemedicine. 

Busy schedules often prevent opportunities to attend in-office counseling session. Therefore, LABTelecounseling services offers clients the flexibility and convenience to speak with a counselor via videoconferencing in the the comfort and privacy of your own home, office or car. It is also a way for you to share your concerns with a counselor that are private, and will enable you to receive instant feedback and advice. Fortunately, we live in an age where technology places the best counseling resources right at your fingertips. 

For many people, online counseling provide just the right mix of professionalism, privacy, and convenience. Because you attend your appointment in the comfort of your own home or space, sessions are completely confidential. With video counseling clients are able to receive the same attention, and client-focused care that clients receive in-person. Clients online experience a deep connection and are able to gain the support needed to assist them in meeting their counseling goals. 

What is Videoconferencing?

Video conferencing counseling is the method that most closely resembles an in-person encounter.With video conferencing counseling is done face to face, in real time, through the use of a Hippa compliant server. This gives the feel and effectiveness of an in person counseling session in the convenience of your own home or office. Both parties are able to speak verbally back-and-forth in real time. The experience is so true to life, many individuals who use videoconferencing say they "forget" the person they are talking to is not there in - person with them.

Benefits of Videoconferencing

                     Privacy- For those with privacy concerns video counseling offers a way to get help without going to a local practitioner.

           Convenience- No fighting traffic,  leaving work early to head to your counselor's office. You only need to find a quiet, private place where you can talk on the phone.

Choice- You get to have the practitioner of your choice. It allows you to find the right counselor for your specific needs. You are not limited to a counselor in your zip code but instead you can choose someone who is a perfect match.           


How it works

The first step is schedule an appointment either online or by calling 1-800-522-0561 option 2.

 Client intake forms will be emailed to you for you to complete after you have received your appointment.

The forms are required to be completed before therapy can begin.

Once you have completed your forms you will make a payment for your counseling session prior to the session start time. Your payment will guarantee your counseling session.

At your scheduled appointment time clink on the link below to begin your session.